Thursday, January 22, 2015

Singapore Deliciousness

Moments after checking into our hotel in Singapore at 1:30 AM on Wednesday morning, Bob and I wandered to a late night Chinese restaurant on the next block to indulge in some Mee Goreng and Kang Kong (fried Malay noodles with squid and shrimp and wok-fried greens).  Ahhhh...the sweat broke out with the spiciness of this lovely food.  We were back!

Singapore, in my observations over my myriad visits here, has THE most restaurants, cafes, eating stalls of any other place on the planet.  And the variety is endless too in this multicultural, multiracial "red dot" of a country.  From any given location, it seems one could walk 100 yards (or meters) and find no less than 25 places vying for the privilege of tickling your tastebuds.  A little slice of heaven to me.

Yesterday we were treated to a full blown feast of Thai food with friends at the Golden Mile complex: fresh coconut, green curry, green papaya salad, green mango salad, tom yum soup (is your moth watering yet??), chicken feet salad (I passed on that one), larb, and the list continued to my great delight!

"Don't bother me...I'm eating! :-)"
Little baby squid in the Tom Yum soup

 Then last night, a sumptuous Indian meal at Samy's Curry on Dempsey Hill served on a banana leaf with fresh lime juice completed the wonderful feasting of the day.  What a treat!
Chili potatoes, dal, fish head curry, mutton curry, prawn curry- each with its own special spice and flavors

I remember being scared by my first fish head curry.  Squeamishness aside, I dove in and enjoyed every bite!

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